Powerflushing, Warrington

Our Powerflush will remove deposits of sludge, rust and any other debris from your central heating system & provide the following benefits...

  • Enhanced energy-efficiency.
  • Improved system reliability.
  • Potentially lower energy bills
  • Reduced likeliness of boiler breakdown.
  • Increase system lifespan.
  • Radiators can warm up quicker.
  • Better quality of heating and hot water.
  • Reduced noise from boiler and radiators.
Improve boiler efficiency, save money!

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Many boiler breakdowns are due to the build-up of dirty sludge inside the central heating system. Without regular cleaning, the residue built up over the years can cause blockages and areas of low-flow throughout the pipes and radiator. This can result in a drop in efficiency of your boiler, or even worse, stop it working altogether.

A powerflush is when we flush a chemical solution through the system to clean inside the boiler, the pipes & the radiators. The chemicals are designed to break up the sludge inside and clean the central heating system from within. Leaving you with radiators that are as clean on the inside as they were when they were first installed.

We provide affordable powerflushing in Warrington, Altrincham, Lymm and all surrounding areas.

How can I tell if I need a power flush?

Regular cleaning the boiler is necessary it to work properly and efficiently. But most of the time you’ll feel it’s not realistic to clean a boiler regularly because of so many other things to do every day. As the dirt builds up in your central heating, the system becomes more and more inefficient until in the worst cases, it damages the boiler itself making for a costly repair.

Thankfully there are signs you can look out for which can help you tell if your boiler needs a power flush:

If you start hearing noise from the radiators there’s a chance of a blockage in the system. As the water tries to move around the blockages if dirt it can lead to unwanted noise in the system.
A blockage at the joints can cause leaks to occur in the radiator, and you should contact MDS plumbers for a power flush right away.
If your radiator has cold patches, this could be a sign of a dirt build-up on the inside which may cause uneven heat coverage in your household and office.
If you are noticing a delay in the system heating, it’s recommended you get expert help like MDS plumbers.
If there’s discolored water coming out when bleeding a radiator means a lot of dirt inside the system, and you’ll need a power flush to clear the blockages of dirt.

What happens during a power flush, and how long does it take?

A powerful machine is used to remove dirty water and sludgy build-up while introducing clean water. Our engineer may add a chemical to the system to break down sludge before the equipment is connected and the flushing process begins.

The power flushing process has several stages and your engineer will probably take between several hours to the whole day to complete the power flush.

Will a powerflush solve all central heating problems?

No. If there is a faulty part in your boiler, or elsewhere in your central-heating system, power flushing will not fix it. Power flushing will improve the efficiency of your system and keep it running effectively but it cannot mend valves that have broken as a result of sludge in the system, for example.

For a free powerflushing quote and to have any other questions answered, give MDS Heating a call today.

We powerflush throughout the Warrington area. Contact us to help you achieve warmer radiators, greater heating efficiency and cheaper energy bills

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